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Resolved! Date and Time import from google sheets

My first post! This community has been very helpful. I’m still fairly new to airtable and hope someone can help with this problem. I have a Google Sheet with a date field, a start time field, and a stop time field. I want to import it into a table wi...

google vs airtable date and time

Export CSV with automation or script

Hi, i’m looking for a script or automation of airtable to put my table into a csv file. How can i do it? i found this. how can i download it? // display app title output.markdown('# Export to CSV'); // set the table name let sourceTableName = "Searc...

Resolved! Connecting social media data to Airtable

I would love to learn if there is a way I can connect Airtable to social media accounts. That way, I can gather data and create graphs within Airtable that already has access to all of the social media platforms data history. Looking forward to heari...

Alexis_Louie by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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