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Export data to editable template?

Hello, I have an airtable to track travel & accommodation requests for our company. I need to export information from a record into an editable template document to send travel information for approval, preferably in an excel template. I have been w...

Export Calendar by Assignee

We’re using Airtable to manage tasks assigned to specific people. Can each of those assignees export a calendar view that shows only their tasks?

E007 by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! How to Export Table Structure

Is there a way to export the structure of a table to csv, JSON, etc.? Specifically, I’m looking for a way to export information about a table, not the data itself. Some method that will give me an output like field 2 is long text, field 3 is lookup...

Mike_Laufer by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! View embedde in a website

I have embbeded an airtable view in my website. When I’m opening this site I’m asked to klick on button to load the content of the airbase view. Is there a possibility to let the view load automatically when the website is loaded?

Outlook import - removing email calendar date addresses

I currently import my calendar date, times, attendees, etc to Airtable. My goal is to try auto calculate my charges based on my time spent with clients. Currently it imports all events with all attendees. However I want to remove my colleagues email ...

Airtable data migration to SharePoint/MS List

Hi Everyone, We’ve been using Airtable for awhile now. Unfortunately the company direction is to use SharePoint List or MS List from now on. Is there an easy way to migrate data from Airtable to SharePoint/MS Lists? Tried the Airtable CSV download an...

BOX + Zapier import attachment files (.png)

Hoping for some expert guidance on this approach building a reference Table to our BOX folders. AirTable created based on a BOX file report.Zapier BOX Find by filename is working.Import of text fields works as expected.looking for assistance on how t...

Steve_Kiwi by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Importing RSVP data from Google Calendar

I am attempting to bring in RSVP data from guests associated with a Google Calendar event. At the mapping stage on an ICS import, there is no way to bring in that kind of data. I suspect AirTable can not capture RSVP data (or Google doesn’t provide) ...

Parse CSV Attachment With Integromat

So I have been working on various integrations using Integromat for my Destiny Search Project system. I have come to a roadblock and looking for some help… I have an Attachment field in Airtable that has a .csv file in it. The file is formatted with ...

Importing data from Squarespace Form

I am importing data from a Squarespace form. I changed one of the questions from a free text input to a dropdown and now the data is no longer populating into airtable. Tried a few workarounds but stuck with an empty column on the table…

[request] ]Make import "map fields" popup BIGGER

When having longer field names (eg Email address: private and Email address: organisation) it’s guesswork which field is mentioned in the popup. Yes, you can hover over the field names to see, but you can not hover over the corresponding field names ...

Resolved! CSV Import: Updating Records without adding new records

I have a a base that has a set IDs (600+ unique IDs). I need to update their status’s weekly but the report to update has over 9000+ IDs. I only want to update my 600 without adding any other records to it. Is that possible with the CSV import exten...

Placing tracking pixels

Is it possible to utilise a tracking pixel to allow a third party to track the progression of a record through a series of statuses within Airtable?

CSV Import Multiple Select Values

Trying to import via CSV file Multiple Select Values. I want to import Value1, Value2, Value3 as three separate multiple select items. If I separate the values in the cell of the CSV file with commas I get one item “Value1, Value2, Value3”. is ther...

Resolved! Extra Parameters in Attachment URL

Hi - I recently noticed that the URLs for attachments in my base are ‘sometimes’ exported with additional parameters that looks something like this: &userId=usrRGFsp5k3BVKxoz&cs=5df56hubdtrt3673b79d I’d prefer just the basic URL, and am also concerne...

Matt_Kennedy1 by 6 - Interface Innovator
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