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Push Comments to Slack?

I have set up a view and I’d like to be updated whenever there is an update to that view in Airtable. That means, when someone does @me in a record, I’d like to be notified in slack. Unfortunately, the slack integration does not seem to trigger any n...

Gene_Sigalov by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Typeform multiselect other integration

I use the Typeform integration with AirTable but when sending multi-select data where the user has chosen the “other” option and entered a custom value it doesn’t get added to my AirTable. This uses the Typeform integration on the Typeform website an...

squarespace integration with airtable

I have a squarespace website which currently interacts with zapier and airtable to create a new record in my airtable base every time I submit a form on my website. That same form submission also causes an acknowledgement email, containing form data,...

pjm by 4 - Data Explorer
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Reference Airtable Data in Google Sheet

I would like to reference up-to-date data from an Airtable base in Google Sheets. For example, I’d like to execute a formula in Google Sheets based on live Airtable data, or populate a Google Sheets dropdown menu (via data validation) based on the da...

TheCentre by 4 - Data Explorer
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Help with Email Marketing with Airtable... #NotMailChimp?

Hello,I work for a growing nonprofit that needs *help* in the area of Email Marketing.  We use Airtable to manage our various lists of people and their contact information, but I need a good Email Marketing App that will integrate well with Airtable....

M_L by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Trigger a Bubble Endpoint with a script

Hello Just to share. I use this code to trigger an endpoint in my Bubble app : let config = input.config(); await fetch(config.webhook_url + "?param1=" + config.param1, {method: 'POST'}); Make sure you enabe the quesystring option and the endpoint...

Sync data with Google Sheets

I use Airtable for something related to website data. I have a table which is a list of pages/URLs from a website, which was extracted from Google Analytics. The key is the URL/page but it also contains data such as the volume of page views and other...

Jonny_Longden by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Airtable view embed on Notion

Hi Airtable Community, I’m having issues embedding a view into Notion. When I embed an airtable view into Notion like before (I have a whole website full of embeds that worked in the past and still do) it doesn’t work anymore and now just shows the l...

Tori_Ellaway by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Unique values in a column

Hi there! I’m just curious how I enforce unique values in a column or a group of columns – that is, how to enforce a unique constraint. So that I don’t, for example, accidentally enter the same person (combination First Name + Last Name) twice.

Inventory Management and Sync as well as shipping

Hello, I am currently looking for an inventory management system for my business. I fulfill all orders myself from my warehouse. I do about 2500 shipments per month and hand writing inventory has become a pain. I am currently looking in to ecomdash f...

Joe_Clark by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Airtable Twoooo-Waaaay Sync with MailChimp / Email Marketing

I’m looking for help with integrations: My nonprofit uses Airtable heavily to track lists of people and their contact information. We also use MailChimp to send out updates to our partners, newsletter subscribers, etc. using that contact information....

M_L by 6 - Interface Innovator
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