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Resolved! Embedded Airtable view - Jump on page when Filter Selected

I have an airtable view embedded on my site. When I click on Filter-> Add Condition, the webpage jumps down the page a couple hundred pixels, which makes for a terrible user experience - the user can't even see the filter box anymore and has to scrol...

Devon by 4 - Data Explorer
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Gantt View: Click and Drag Feature is Broken

Hi there! I've been searching across the Airtable (AT) community for answers, and none so far.I am trying to create a production schedule that has multiple dependencies across time. I followed the template that AT provided. I also included a new form...

Form view doesn't show the same data when shared view

I have a form within a table. This form has a field that's a link to record type - City. When I view this field +Add City, it shows me the City and the State so I know the context. This works within the Airtable app only.  If I share this form and th...

njg by 4 - Data Explorer
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I'm gonna cry

I swear this is the most basic problem ever.The **bleep** promo on my side menu is covering all my work spaces.The Airtable bot and I...we don't vibe. Can someone please help me

MG2G by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! missing data in synced table

Hi, I have problem that synced table missing data. I have one Master base and second base where is synced data from Master base. Today I found that one specific record missing value from Master base (not sure right now If I have more records that are...

Erik by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Showing all choices in chart extension

I'm using the chart extension to visualize some data. Nearly all of my questions on the form have 5 answer choices but I have a few questions where no one chose an answer. For example (strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree) wher...

Resolved! View for Linked Record

Hi Airtable Community -I have table A which has a column that stores links to records in table B.  When I am in an expanded view of a record in table A and I click on the linked entry to open the linked record in table B, what determines what view is...

Resolved! Form with Linked Record Field: Limit field visibility

Use case: RSVP form linked to individual attendees’ Airtable records created in a separate table. Each record pertains to a unique person. I’d like the RSVP form to automatically link to the original record. I’m working with two tables, ‘Anchor Table...

Resolved! Multiple text and value rows in same entry

Hello everyone,I'm trying to create something similar to what I do with spreadsheets, it's like a product catalog but using multiple rows on a single entry so I can use different values for each variation of the  same item. (image attached)Is it poss...

LuizGustavo by 4 - Data Explorer
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search functionality

i see in the help docs that search functionality only works in the grid view, but i see that it also doesn't seem to work when said grid view is grouped. yes, i know airtable wants me to add an extension for this function to work...that makes me shif...

CSV Download Issues from Shared Airtable View

I have shared an Airtable view with one of my clients. They work at a Blue Cross plan with high IT security. The person is trying to download the view as a CSV. Here's what she said: "When we have it up and then I try to download our report (using do...

Managing multiple projects

Hi!I need to create and handle from one main account different projects. Each one of them may have different team members, and at the same time it can happen that I don't want all team members in a project to be able to see all the information. Also,...

ariana by 4 - Data Explorer
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Timeline View - Keep times when dragging to new swimlane

In a base I am working on, I'm using the timeline view for daily trip routing within our fleet. These trips are timed to the minute and are not always on the hour (eg, a trip may go from 7:59am until 8:50am). If I need to drag this trip to a new swim...

Automatically modify dynamic URL field based on logged-in user

I created this post a couple of years ago and we're still hitting a wall trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this: Dynamic formula to change output based on username viewing the tableI have started thinking about using an external no-code...

jord8on by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Share tasks without sign-in and allow comments

I am trying to find a way to share tasks with a client without them needing to sign-in but with the ability to leave comments. As of now I like the idea of embedding a view but I have not found how to allow comments (say to give approval or feedback)...

Filters view

I want information in my base to be available to the public.  I (will) have a public website, within it will be a search page.  From there I would like users to access my base.  BUT, access must be read only; and upon opening the base, I would like t...