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Updating Airtable with Airtable Forms through Zapier

So I have been creating an application in Airtable only to realize that fields in views cannot be restricted if you are using those fields in other views. So then I spun up a small website that acted as a frontend for my users and now am using Zappie...

Changing Field Record Colors on Calendar

I’m not sure if this is the correct terminology. Is it possible to change the calendar view fields? Right now, on my calendar, the only options that are coming up are Publisher and Project Manager. I need to change it to a field I named Channel. Appr...

Hiding menu choices on forms

I am using Airtable to create a database of skills for new freelancers joining my membership site. I have them self assess their skills in an area by choosing Basic, Intermediate or Expert from a pull down menu. Once I have tested them or they have p...

A Delimiter Dilemma - combining fields with delimiter properly

There are 3 long-text fields: Author, Name and Date. I want to combine the 3 fields into 1 field with delimiter |. Any field could be empty and I don’t want a trailing or duplicate delimiter hanging around. Author & " | " & Name & " | "& Date John Sm...

Y_K by 7 - App Architect
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Fixed linked record in form

I am new to airtable and working on using the program to manage event organization. I would like to be able to set up registration forms for all of our events that link back to the specific event record the form was created for. In the example forms ...

Download CSV from embedded view

I have an embedded view of my base on my site using the “Card Layout”. I am using Card Layout vs Standard due to the search. When i search on the card layout it only shows the proper results vs the standard layout just highlighting the results. No ma...

Creating a camp registration database with form

I am looking into creating a camp registration database. My first task is to have two tables: one for families, and another for kids. I then want to make a form available for registration. So far I haven’t figured out how to get fields from two relat...

Difficulty with automatically updating a field

I am creating a content management base, and struggling with how to get a field to automatically update, and I hope someone can help. I have different phases of publishing (eg brainstorm - > outline - > draft - > create visuals) that I want to manage...

HTML Tags in Forms

Is there a way to use HTML tags in a Form?Also can a form be configured so it is viewable in full screen. I’m planning on creating a form that contains LOTS of verbiage and several input boxes. The data from the input boxes is emailed/saved when the ...

Long Primary Field

I have set my primary field as a long text field, but when I try to print it in gallery view the whole primary field does not print, a portion of it gets cut off.

Allow a customer to edit a Gallery record

Hi, I’ve created a Base that is capturing city locations as a prototype for an app, using Restaurant Field Guide as a template. The idea is to: allow users to upload locations (e.g. restaurant) & some pre-defined fields for each one (e.g. address)vie...

Jindy_Mann by 4 - Data Explorer
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Filter "Is Empty" Not Working on Rollup Column

I’ve used a Rollup column to aggregate data from another table. There are duplicates in the data being aggregated, as well as blanks. I use the ARRAYUNIQUE(values) to operate on the roll up data. I even created an adjacent cell with an IF statement t...

Exporting/Printing Only Non-Empty Data

Hello, I am new to Airtable, so please bear with me if i’m asking a question with an obvious answer. I am collecting Questionaire information via a form… Many of the answers to the questions will exist as null-value fields (eg. a ‘Yes’/‘No’ question ...

Resolved! Calculated date field calendar - UI needs help

So, I made a calendar view based on a calculated field. Everything in the calculation seems correct and items appear in the proper spots within the calendar. But every entry on the calendar begins by showing the month in the date calculation. Why? ...

Thom_Hounsell by 6 - Interface Innovator
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