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System down?!?!

Hi I cant get Airtable to load today. I cant get to my boards or even onto The page is just white!!! HELP!

bbbbb by 4 - Data Explorer
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transfer personal credits to workspace

Hi, I have an issue with transferring personal credits to my workspace. I just updated my plan to a business one, and now I want to transfer all my personal credits, but it doesn't work. I already resublmitted my card details, still no success. Pleas...

SAVE - backup

Good morning,I have the Team version of Airtable and I would like to know how can I save my databases and interfaces?is there an automatic backup?For greater security should I do an export?I would like all the advice you can give me because my bases ...

Mary by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Slow performance across bases

Hey guys!I am noticing my airtable performance has been really slow lately. I manage serval workspaces with multiple bases synced across each other so I'm not surprised to see it move slowly. I was wondering if anyone had any tip or tricks or prevent...

cvoith by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Not enough permissions?

How can I make it so someone can add drop down items to a field but not be able to delete,rename,access specific views? Seems like this permission system needs to be more complex bc I’m finding that I have to give up a lot of control to simply manage...

Jarrod_Lilly by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Viewing and removing old enterprise account users

I have recently started with a new organisation as an Airtable Admin for their Enterprise account, and have just recently validated the domain and am now trying to manage user accounts and permissions more effectively including good procedure for dea...

Has the free account rules changes?

Today I am unable to add new rows to my base table on my free account. I get a pop up screen saying i need to upgrade to have more than 5 collaborators. I only have four defined.  Does anyone else have this issue or know what i need to do to get roun...

allyrobdm by 4 - Data Explorer
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Switch Billing Email

I was thinking If this is possible. what if we keep our email user the same but just change the billing? Like, we could have our user account email as, and for billing, we could use What do you think?

Airtable Field Usage

I'm trying to find out how many fields in our database are empty or not being used. It's really tedious to check each tab one by one. Any siggestions?Thank you!

jhincuy by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to see detailed charges / billing

I gave access to a couple of people who are actually my clients to a database I designed for them.I want to know what is the exact charge for those licenses / users so I can charge them for those expenses.

Jose_Munoz by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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