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Linked fields not populating

Hello,I have two tables that I am trying to link together.One table is an instructor table called Instructors AY25 and the first column contains the instructor name and the other columns contain instructor information, including the catalog number fo...

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Automation Table

Below is what I want to do, more specifically, what training can I consume to achieve the goals outlined below. In a perfect world, I would also be able to put this data into a form or template that allows for repeatable recreation without making it ...

Product Variant

How to make combinations of field in between columns : Exemple : Product ALPHA - VARIANT LINKED TO IT : SUBVARIANT-X - Items compatible 1,2,3. + SUBVARIANT-Y compatible 7,8,9- If I select SUBVARIANT-X : item 1. Then only SUBVARIANT 8 is compatible is...

Loïc by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! link data records with each other within a table

Hello everyone,I have a table in which we record events. Some of these events relate to a media campaign that is also recorded in the same table.I have therefore created a column in which you can link a campaign when creating an event. To do this, I ...

mirkolando by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! Changing single select to Multi-select

I'm debating on changing a single-select field to a multi-select field, but I'm uncertain on the effect it will have on all of the dependencies.I have a Progress flow that follows cold leads (potential investment deals) into committed investments, wh...

Timeline record 'appearance' - precise or expanded

Hi, I am trying to design a scheduling tool for my business, and the timeline view is proving itself to be very handy. One think I can't quite work out is what 'precise' or 'expanded' does - in certain views. For example, if I have a morning and afte...

mu71rd by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! Return list of zip codes by frequency

Suppose you have a series of records that include zip codes. There may be many of one zip code and a few of a bunch of others. How do I get a list of the frequency of these zip codes? So 14757 occurs 6 times and 14722 occurs 9 times and 20021 occurs ...

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Resource Allocation Template questions

Is anyone using the Resource Allocation Template, or is there a explainer video on how to use it? It looks awesome, but it's overwhelming. I'm not sure where to start. Regarding how to set up that whole process, I'm unsure how to even begin setting a...