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Changing username within settings

For those having trouble changing their username, I've been informed by Airtable that community members need to first: -Provide at least 1 kudos-Apply 5 or more message tags (they can apply tags when they create a post). Let's see if this works...

Resolved! Form into kanban

Hey, i'm looking at a way to populate a kanban record with data that has been populated in a form.The end goal is for users to enter details into a form and that will automatically pull into a kanban board for projects to be started.Any help would be...

Error on entering new record

When I try to enter a new record or new view, I get an error message. Below are a message from trying to enter a new record, and below that is from trying to enter a new view. If I enter anything before I refresh the view, it disappears when I refres...

glrothman by 4 - Data Explorer
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Airtable Embed in Webflow Glitch

Hi there,I embedded my Airtable into a Webflow website. Every time I want to "Add Condition" to filter my data, the page automatically scrolls down and hides the top taskbar. This is only an issue when I set the Airtable height to be larger than the ...

Prawler by 4 - Data Explorer
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squarespace integration with airtable

I have a squarespace website which currently interacts with zapier and airtable to create a new record in my airtable base every time I submit a form on my website. That same form submission also causes an acknowledgement email, containing form data,...

pjm by 4 - Data Explorer
  • 3 replies
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New URL too long

Hello,Following the change of URL logic on Airtable, we encounter a problem. We use a database to create eBay listings. So we have a field for image URLs. We use these URLs at the last moment so no problem for the experimentation of this one. But the...

Resolved! Need Help creating a laundry Booking system

HelloI need help with creating a Laundry Booking systemLooking to create a calendar view with the ability to let people book a time slot to use one of the Washing or Drying machines in my Building.The booking info can then be displayed on another tab...

Bertie by 4 - Data Explorer
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