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Airtable converts codes to characters before creating a CSV

I’m exporting CSV’s from Airtable and have introduced some fields which represent HTML code. This data is imported into wordpress blocks. I need to use commas in the text. Here’s an example: ''&'<p style="text-align: center;">For a local, reliable &a...

jpj747 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Export just the base schema

Is there a way to copy a base schema between accounts? So I don’t need the data - but I’d like to copy the schema (all the tables in a base) to another account. Is there an easy way to do this?

Export csv on filtered view still has filtered items

Hi, I have a Base called “BaseName” table with a checkbox field “Show in filtered view?”, and another view called “Only Filtered Items” of that table showing only checkboxed items. There are 74 total items and 44 of them are checked. And the “Only Fi...

Matt_Beyer by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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How to automatic export to csv?

Hello. Right now i’m using air table to manage student information for my study abroad bussiness. It’s very good . But there’s one small problem, i want to automatic export data every day, but i cannot using the API through zapier because it’s not su...

Hoa_Tran by 4 - Data Explorer
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Airtable IFTTT Google Sheet

I am trying to connect Airtable and Google sheet through IFTTT Triggers I seek to a row of data entered in Google Sheet pulled from Airtable whenever a Trigger is fired in IFTTT. It all working fine. But the Google Sheet has data spat out and the dat...

Hubspot Migration

Hi Everyone, I’m getting a few enquiries about clients wanting to move from HubSpot to a Airtable based CRM. It looks like HubSpot allows the export of the Contacts, Accounts, Deals and probably other related activities but I wondered if anyone has b...

Long text field + export csv causes breaklines

Hello, I need to make CSV exports of a table that contains several long text field cells. Each long text field contains text with carriage returns, which results on the csv as actual breaklines, which is makes it quite tedious to fix manually. Apart ...

Import data into AutoCAD, is it possible?

I’m curious if anyone else has tried pulling data from Airtable into AutoCAD. I understand that AutoCAD can connect to SQL databases or an ODBC source. That makes me wonder if I could connect to Airtable through the ODBC Data Source Administrator in ...

Importing CSV With Common ID Field

I use proprietary software in my line of work that allows me to export client data into a CSV file. One of the fields in this CSV file is called Household ID. Let’s call this CSV file “Household Assets”. In airtable, I already have a table called “Ho...

Marco by 6 - Interface Innovator
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CSV Import Multiple Select Values

Trying to import via CSV file Multiple Select Values. I want to import Value1, Value2, Value3 as three separate multiple select items. If I separate the values in the cell of the CSV file with commas I get one item “Value1, Value2, Value3”. is ther...

Resolved! CSV Import — no Merge option

Hello folks! I am trying to run updates to a table with a CSV file but I’m not seeing the option to merge records, only import them. I tried this on a few different tables and am still not seeing it. Anyone else? Troubleshooting ideas? Thanks!

Resolved! Importing CSV from (Integromat)

Hello, I am tryig to setup automatic CSV import of our product catalog to Airtable. Every morning it should update in case there are changes in prices or stuff. I was able to setup the (Integromat) scenario to: Get the CSV from FTPParse the ...

Matej_Skarka by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Daily upload from a sharepoint/excel file

I have a need to upload records from an excel file on a daily basis. I want to automate the process so that only the fresh records added are imported. I dont know if Airtable can be configured to import only those records that were added on a certain...

Suresh by 4 - Data Explorer
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Export data to editable template?

Hello, I have an airtable to track travel & accommodation requests for our company. I need to export information from a record into an editable template document to send travel information for approval, preferably in an excel template. I have been w...

Bonnie_Blake by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Exporting a single record

I’m a pro wildlife photographer and am trying to use AirTable to keep track of my photos and associated info. Can I export a record? If so, how? Can it include the info plus the photo? What formats can it be exported as?