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Migrating from Streak CRM to Airtable

Hi all – I’m brand new to Airtable and super excited about what it can do for our business. Has anyone tried migrating from the Streak CRM (which embeds within Gmail) to Airtable? Although I love Streak, it can get clunky for ongoing and complex rela...

k_spark by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! How to use data from Airtable to fill out fields in a document

Hello! I’m trying to make a templated onboarding document that we can easily update with information fed from Airtable. Here’s the direct use case (Integrations are generally off the table in a corporate security setting): Hire Roster (lives in Airta...

Chaya_Rusk by 4 - Data Explorer
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Download all the attachements from 1 field

#needhelp! I have a gallery view, in my records there is a field with 20+ attachements (pictures). When I share this view, and I would like people to be able to download the 20+ images from a record all at once. Just by clicking on a button. How can ...

API assistance - Linking Apollo to Airtable

Hello Airtablers, My base is a list of leads with linked tables of their respective organizations and locations. I am evaluating a new sales tool called Apollo and I’m trying to configure their API into my base so I can pull the contacts and organiza...

Alec by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Possible to export to a custom form/pdf/spreadsheet?

Hello all! I am trying to figure out if it is possible to use a regular spreadsheet view to input data and then use that view to export to a custom template PDF/CSV/Form. For example, I have a master list I am trying to see if I can export into two s...

Resolved! Add new columns based on import

I have a base that is designed to be refreshed with data from a CSV file periodically. It has about 140 fields right now and I need to add approximately 50 more. I would like to be able to do this using the CSV Import app, but I can’t find a way to...

Tom_Donovan by 4 - Data Explorer
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Exporting to create a word document

Hi I am looking for a way that I can export to a word document. I work on a local magazine published in several different areas. One of the features of the magazine is a list of local clubs and societies. We currently just have the list in Word which...

Resolved! 2GB of attachments per base on FREE PLAN

Hey guys, Is 2GB files the most I can upload, or that’s just the maximum amount of files that can be stored in one base? If I delete that record/file, will I free my space, or that’s just the maximum I can upload, no matter if I delete files or not. ...