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Hierarchical views?

Is there a method to display a hierarchical view of records? For instance, in a table of items, I may have a field for name and sub_item_of link to another item. name___________ sub_item_of_______ car wheel car rim ...

Formula created date not recognized at date

You have a new feature where you say that the calendar view will be able to use dates that are obtained from a formula. Can you provide an example because my conditional formula is not recognized as a date. Maybe I am formatting it in the formula and...

Why doesn't the the form view validate data?

If I have fields in a table with specific types why doesn’t the form validate those types before submitting the data? There seems little point in specifying a field type of email if someone can enter whatever they like into the form. I realize that c...

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Change first column in grid view

I have a client who is using airtable to simply view his calendar as a spreadsheet. His preference is that the first column is the date. Unfortunately the first column is currently the summary. According to what I’ve seen there’s no way to change t...

Slack chat for Airtable form entry?

Hi, So Airtable has Slack integration. But does it have this… ? Forms capture data. But I image one/two Slack integrations to make this form more accessible to my Slack users… A Slack command to request the link to the form. Q&A-based dialogue to d...

"Unnamed Record"

I’m a brand-new user but can’t find this topic. I’m using Gallery view and can’t figure out why each record is labeled “Unnamed Record” and why I can’t seem to edit that? Thanks for the help!

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How do I show JUST hours in a date/time column?

I’m making a schedule, and don’t need the date information as it will be repeated on different dates; I just want to list the time… but it would be great if I could then link it into a calendar view. I’ve tried to use the datetime formula, but I can...