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Problem with Airtable automation

Hi Community,Does anyone else experience problems with automations? my all current automations started failing around 7PM Berlin time.I getThere was an unexpected error while executing your also doesn't matter from the script content. when ...

mwebber by 4 - Data Explorer
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Categorizing financial transactions within Airtable

I am curious if anyone would be interested in an extension for Airtable that would automatically categorize financial transactions. The data could come from any source even if you imported it via a CSV file.We currently have financial planning compan...

tsbickmore by 4 - Data Explorer
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7 Step Guide to Restore Deleted Airtable data

Data loss in Airtable through accidental error, incorrect automation setups, human-error, or anything else can be devastating. If you’ve just discovered that you’ve lost some data or you fear it will happen to you, this is the source you need.We've c...

Trouble displaying Custom Buttons in Airtable Interface

Hello Airtable communityI've been diligently working on a time-tracking solution in Airtable for a nonprofit organization. Inspired by a YouTube video from Dan Lehman, I aimed to craft a system where volunteers could easily log their hours during a p...

UWTSAVITA_0-1692209571615.png UWTSAVITA_1-1692209571695.png
UWTSAVITA by 4 - Data Explorer
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Ask Airy - A New AI-powered Extension for Airtable

Hello Airtable Community!I'm excited to share something I've been working on - a new Airtable extension called Ask Airy. This extension is designed to give you a more intuitive way to search and interact with your Airtable data with AI.Check it out o...

Zoftware by 4 - Data Explorer
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Checking for Match before Inserting Data (Fetch API Script)

Good Evening allI have a script I am trying to bring alive. I am calling an HTTPS endpoint that returns an array of features. Each feature has a unique ID. After the initial fetch, I would like subsequent fetches to only insert new feature IDs if the...

Save emails to Airtable with automations

In the past six months, I have been building TaskRobin to save emails to Airtable. After you setup your email inbox and Airtable base with TaskRobin, you just need to forward emails that you want to save to Airtable to TaskRobin.Try our Airtable exte...

Daniel_C by 6 - Interface Innovator
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On2Air Docs now available! Automated Airtable documents

 We're making our automated Airtable documents app, On2Air Docs, active again!     We paused accepting new registrations for it temporarily to focus on On2Air Forms and On2Air Backups development and improvements. But the demand for it never slowed d...