Tips & Tricks for finding the information you need

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Tips & Tricks for finding the information you need

At the top of the welcome page you will find 7 boards. We’ve defined each boards so you can easily navigate your way through the content.

  • Announcements you can read about the latest Airtable news and updates.
  • Discussions you can have conversations about all things Airtable. 
  • Groups you can join a focused group about marketing, product operations or get involved with research opportunities.
  • Events you stay informed about upcoming Airtable Community events 
  • Resources will help you get started and learn about job opportunities community members are actively hiring for.
  • Product Ideas you can shape the future of the Airtable platform by submitting your ideas or voting on suggested features from your peers.

You can also narrow down your search within the general search bar. This will help you navigate to the content you are looking for with more accuracy and speed. See image below for reference!

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