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If you’re new to the Airtable Community, this is a great place to start - please introduce yourself and review our community resources - we're so happy you're here
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Navigate My Profile Page

Your public community profile is where Airtable community members can see the information that you have chosen to share, your community rank & stats, as well as your posts & replies. Keep your profile up to date so members of the community can get t...


Accepted Solutions & Kudos

The Airtable Community is founded on collaboration and a shared love of the Airtable platform. By marking posts that have helped you solve a problem as an accepted solution or providing a kudos to another member's post are ways to: Improve the searc...

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Private Messenger

To use the Private Messenger, you must be a registered member and signed in. You can find your Private Message icon at the top right of the header.  Private Messages enables you to send private communications to other community members. There are a ...

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Save Your Search Criteria and Queries in Bookmarks

The Airtable Community’s search feature enables members to find all relevant content and resources you may be interested in across multiple databases. A single search query will share results within the community, our help site, and developer docs. ...

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Post, Edit & Reply

Posting and replying on the community Posting new content in the community is super easy! To create your first post you will navigate to your desired board. Select Create a Post. The message editor will appear. Here you will enter your Subject and B...


Subscribing to content

Subscribing to content you are most excited about! By subscribing to content you will have the most up to date information on the topics and content that matter most to you. When you subscribe you will be notified when someone posts to a board or re...

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Navigate the Airtable Community

Tips & Tricks for finding the information you need At the top of the welcome page you will find 7 boards. We’ve defined each boards so you can easily navigate your way through the content. Announcements you can read about the latest Airtable news an...


Get Started in the Airtable Community

Welcome to Airtable’s Community! We’ve outlined tips and tricks to ensure you are set up for success, connect with other members, contribute to the conversations and get the most out of the platform. We will continue to update this post with new lea...

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