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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,


I would like to create a button for the Airtable Interface which adds 6 months to today's date. Upon pressing the button, I want the date field to be updated to today's date + 6 months.

Is this possible?

Would love to hear your solution for this!


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In some cases, you can run an automation from a button in Interfaces:

  1. Run automation - Choose a previously configured automation to trigger when the button is pressed. You can also start creating a new automation right in the interface. After naming the automation you can click Continue to start building the automation in a new browser tab. There are two requirements in order to set up this button element action:
    1. Either a record picker element or a record review layout (containing the record list element) must be present on the interface page where the button element is placed to use as a source.
    2. For an automation to be used with the button element, it must include the When a button is clicked automation trigger. Read more about the setup process here.


For the automation:

  • trigger: when a button is clicked
  • action: update record > create a formula field that adds 6 months and use that input to update {your date field}



IF({your date field}, DATEADD({your date field}, 6, "months"))



Thank you so much for the assistance. You have led me to the right direction. I've been able to create an automation which updates the date upon the click of the button.

I've been able to solve it using the following formula:
DATEADD(TODAY(), 6, 'months')