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Reordering Forms in the Form Section

Is there currently a way to change the order of forms in the "Form" section of an Airtable Base? Similar to how you can move and group views, automations, and interfaces in their respective sections. Currently it appears that forms are just listed in...

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Interface Designer. Charts. "Field summary" bug?

Hi! I have a problem with Interface Designer for 2 days. When I'm clicking "Field summary" In Charts Settings, nothing happens. Please see the loom:

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Can you assign a colour to a user group?

We have recently switched our 'job allocated' column to a user group column so users get notified when they are tagged, however we would like the appearance to remain the same (coloured).Is this possible? Please help. It is very bland and difficult t...

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Can I embed an external webpage in an interface page?

Hi,I'm trying to embed a dashboard that lives outside Airtable in an interface. I would love to be able to do this, so I have everything within Airtable, and not spread in different links. Is there any way to embed an external webpage in —for example...

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Preset, click-into-record views. Why not transferable??

Hi Airtable Community,I have a question regarding building interfaces in Airtable, specifically about building custom click-into-record preset views.When setting up an interface, I can configure it so that clicking into a record displays detailed inf...

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AirTable shareable with individual fill-out

Hello all, I am new to airtable.I am looking to create a table for a collection management, in each row a new item. In the columns will be item details (image, description, size etc). Those columuns have to be "view only"The idea is to share the list...

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Création d'un calendrier pour inscription aux évènements

Bonjour à tous,J’ai besoin d’un (gros) coup de main pour créer un calendrier sur airtable... Mon cahier des charges est écrit et précis, mais je débute seulement sur airtable et j’avoue être trèèèsès, loin d’avoir les compétences qui me permettraient...

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