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7 - App Architect

In my table 2 has some records along with their comments and these records are connected with table 1.

for example 3 records which are connected with a1.

Now I want to access comments of those 3 records in the interface via a1.
I don’t wanna read individual comments going each record instead by clicking just a1, I should have access those comments.

Here this my base tables

Table 1

Table 2

Here is the base link

Please help me if anyone has some insights.

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Hi @Mohsin_Raza

You could add a lookup field to your table 1, that looks at your comment field in table 2, and then show that lookup field in your Interface. That way, every record in table 1 that is combined in a record in table 2 should show the same comment.

I believe this thread is about record comments, which are not stored in a field, so this solution will not work.

The inability to access record comments when looking at multiple records is one reason why I tend to use long text fields instead of record comments.

Thanks , you understand right. It is about accessing record comments which is not possible to fetch via lookup or rollup.

okay, so creating a long text field might help. Right.

Ah yes, same here in that case.