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4 - Data Explorer


I'm implementing a base for approx. 20 users and for security and confidentiality reasons I need to use a grid element in the interface to display each user's  records .

While the grid is working correctly,  I have some formatting questions that I have been unable to figure out the answer to.

1) while the user can copy/paste from the grid out to Excel , is there any way to copy out the column headings as well (as in a CSV Export from the data layer) ?

2) As this base is replacing a spreadsheet, I'm displaying 16 consecutive columns of numeric values. Is it possible to format any of these columns to make it easier to read ? ie Bolding, changing background colour of a column etc ?

3) Is there any way to hide the Base's Key field in the grid element ?

Any help or suggestions appreciated .



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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

None of these 3 things are available with Airtable's interfaces, but all 3 of these things are available with Noloco's advanced interfaces for Airtable. Noloco is a frontend portal/interface app that communicates with Airtable on the backend.

I give a step-by-step tutorial of Noloco on this episode of the BuiltOnAir podcast.

The CEO of Noloco gave a demonstration of his product on this Airtable podcast episode.

I also presented a full one-hour webinar on Noloco called Building a Client Portal on Noloco powered by Airtable.

p.s. If you have a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant to help you with any of this, please feel free to contact me through my website: Airtable consulting — ScottWorld