Have number element read work hours this week

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I would like to build out an interface for employees where a number element displays how many hours they’ve worked in the present week - this way, they can see if they are meeting their hourly targets (on a weekly basis).

I have a base where users (employees) can track their time using the Time Tracker extension. In this architecture, there are 2 relevant tables: a Tasks table that shows the employee’s task list and a Timesheets table that houses their clocked time. First, in the Tasks table they click a button that runs a script that creates a record in the Timesheets table that is parented to the task. Then they start the time tracker, and the duration data is stored in that Timesheets record (but this way, they can have multiple time entries for a single task).

In the interface, I can create a number element whose source is the Timesheets table and that performs a Field Summary (Sum) on the Duration field in that table. The filter is currently set to where the Create Date (a Created Time field in the Timesheets table) is within the past week.

However, I’d like to achieve more specificity than this, if possible. As presently configured, when the employee checks this number on Monday, for example, this will include hours from the previous week; ideally, on a Monday they would be looking to make sure the number is “8” to know they’ve hit their target (and not essentially look for 48 everyday, except for 40 on Friday). Does anybody know any workarounds for this?

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