How can you delete an interface?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

In attempting to learn how to use this new Beta feature, I’ve created a bunch of test interfaces that I’d now like to get rid of, but how? For the likes of me, I just cannot find where it’s possible to delete an interface. Thanks in advance to anyone who might help. If it’s not possible yet, then please consider this to be a bug or feature request instead.

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Welcome to the community, @Cody_Burleson!

You have to go all the way into the interface, click on edit, then click on the name of your interface, then unpublish the interface, then delete it.

I agree that this could be made much more intuitive & easy to find.

Thank you; I found it…


I can’t find any place to delete the Interface container still, but I guess that’s OK, since I guess it might just stick around for each base an interface can be added to and then it can just be renamed…


Go into it and then click on the little down arrow in the colored box that shows the name of the container. Again, not very intuitive at all. I think they need to rethink quite a bit about interfaces. Lol.

Ah. Yes, I see now, but I agree - the usability is questionable because it’s very buried.

Screenshot for the record…


Be sure to email about anything that you’d like to see them improve in Interfaces. Sadly, they don’t normally listen to user feedback, but it seems like they are open to receiving feedback on Interfaces while it’s still in beta.

ok, I have been looking for this! ha. It’s in the box. Did not expect that, but I guess that’s how you edit base info inside the base… :woman_shrugging:

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4 - Data Explorer

All of the above advice seems outdated now. How the hell does one delete an interface?

Same question here...


Found it !

1 - Go into the interface 

2 - The Edit button is on the upper right side of your screen.