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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

How do I delete an interface LAYOUT (i.e., when I click on a linked record on a page and it opens another page in the drawer with a customized LAYOUT). 

I have a whole bunch of excess layouts that I was experimenting with and it has made a mess of my ability to apply the right layout setting because the dropdown has tonnes of bad layout options that, and I like to delete them so that the don't get inadvertently applied across my interface. 


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@Noelle_Poulson That's the mian problem i've having too. In most circumstances, you can at least select the correct layout view you the link to use (even if there are lots of versions due to not yet being able to delete old ones). However, there are some links that don't give me the option to adjust, and they seem to default to one arbitrarily. 

I'll also contact support. This is actually a pretty big problem.