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4 - Data Explorer


Let's say I have a table for employees and have an Interface Gallery.  In the Gallery I am showing a headshot, name and title.  When someone clicks on the card it open up a Sidesheet with hometown, state and work history.  

When I am looking at the Gallery view with all the cards (ie no Sidesheet shown) and do a search, the results are only showing cards where the search term is visible on the card.  In other words, the search is not searching the entire record, only what is shown.

So, if I was searching for any employee named "Bob" then it works returning all the employees with "bob" in there name.  But if I search for "Maine" to find out how many employees are from Maine, then it does not work. 

Additionally, is there a wildcard available in the search? If I type in "Ma" then I would want anyone with a state of AlabamaMaryland, Massachusetts, Maine, or Oklahoma to be returned.



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