Latest update changed email information to link and not visual data - how to change

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4 - Data Explorer


Our company sends individual table records to another company via an email for the Monday app which then automatically puts the data into their system.

Since the latest airtable update on iphone, the app now sends emails as a link and not the visual data which was automatically inputted to their Monday system. Now the link asks them to sign into an Airtable account, thereby rendering the Monday app useless.

Unfortunately this is a massive part of how our business runs, so does anyone have any info on how to rectify this and return the email data to the old system?

The orders have to be sent via mobile too as people are out on-site and not at a computer.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Would love some insight into this if possible please. This is severely impacting our workplaces ability to run smoothly.