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Is there a way in a long text to change the character font (put Arial or Calibri for example) and to change the color of words?

Thank you


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I don’t think so

If you really want to, you could probably hack something together with Tampermonkey or the equivalent to change the fonts for long text fields

If this is like, a specific set of words that doesn’t change much and you know what color they’ll be, you could probably hack something together as well

These would be inherently pretty fragile though, so I would only suggest doing this if you already know some development or know someone who’d be happy to debug it for you in the future


As @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo mentioned, you don’t have any control over fonts or colors within Airtable fields.

However, the Page Designer extension will give you this functionality for your printed documents. (Note that the entire field would need to be a certain font, text color, and background color.)

If you need more granularity than that for your printed documents — or if you need to have this functionality within the fields themselves — then you would need to switch to a much more advanced database platform, such as Claris FileMaker Pro.

If you need help finding a Claris FileMaker Pro developer, please feel free to contact me through my website:

Claris FileMaker Pro consultant — ScottWorld