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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

The amount of bugs and lack of feature parity between Android and iOS is astounding. Is this something that Airtable is working on actively?


For example linked records on a mobile interface. There are totally different views for Android and iOS, and the functionality between the two is completely different. iPhones can only add linked records from the "pill" view (which is a bug with the card view for iPhones only), but the pill view has an android bug that doesn't let them add new records through a form from pill view! It feels like I can't win.

Android also currently crashes when opening any attached files, or attempting to add any attachments (easily replicable, try for yourself). Android also has no ability to click interface detail view buttons.

This is some very critical functionality that has been promised to clients and is not working how intended.

These issues are more or less brushed off when I reach out to support. I am posting here so that others can see that you are not alone, and maybe Airtable can prioritize fixing the mobile bugs!

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