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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

First of all, my name is Sebastiaan and we are new to the Airtable Community. We are running a company in building Home Cinema Seats.

At the moment we are developing our workflow in Airtable. One of the things we want to do is creating a order-system for your chairs.

Because we want to get rid of the spreadsheet feeling, we want to use Airtable Interface Designer to create quotes, purchase orders and invoices.

We offer modulair built seats with different combination and we want to have an overview of the products, description and prices.

Is it possible to develop this in Airtable or do we need 3th party apps?

Thanks for your reaction in advance and all the best,


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Hi Sebastiaan, you’d probably be able to do this all within Airtable, yeah

You should check out the templates if you haven’t already

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I checked several templates and i already built a proces in Airtable. Now we want to make it available in Interface Designer.

Is it possible in Interface Designer to add multiple products in one layout together with a sub price, total prices, etc. I Couldn’t find the way to do so…

Like in the screenshot.



Scherm­afbeelding 2022-11-15 om 16.37.46

Hmm, what would your workflow entail, exactly?

You’d want to be able to select the product and quantity, set the discount, and then see a layout like the one in your screenshot?

If so, I’m not really sure how I’d do that within an Interface without a Grid element heh, perhaps someone else has a better idea

You probably already know this, but the Page Designer would be well suited for your design after however method you chose to populate your data I think

Thanks again for your reply.

Yes indeed I want to select the product and quality with the discount without using the spreadsheet environment.

So if I’m correct the inferface designer could be our choose to populate the data and we need to find a solution to create and add an invoice with for instance a 3th party tool, right?

Yeah, you’d use the Interface Designer to populate the data

The invoice bit you’d use Airtable’s Page Designer extension