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Request: Access Revision History in Interfaces

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My team uses the revision history function a lot when editing records. Currently, that function is not available in an Interface, as far as I can tell. I hope that it can be added ASAP.

I have a workaround that embeds a link to the record in the base, and directs the team member to click on the link and open up the Activity pane to see the track changes. This is a workable solution, but far from an ideal one, as it requires the team member to interact with the base itself rather than the much more streamlined—and much less confusing—Interface.

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Jumping in here to second this request. Would be super useful

This would be very helpful, as we are using interfaces more and more it would be amazing to not have to go to the full record to see revision history.

I would love to know how you did this!


@Katerie I had to do the same thing unfortunately this renders the security purpose of an interface useless since they'll need access to the base also.

Here is how you do it @bult0023 

  • Go to the table in the base where the interface data is referenced
  • Add a formula field. Name the field something like "Revision History Link"
  • Copy the URL of the of the view you are on, it should have 3 things in it
  • Put the link you copied in the formula I made below




  • Now go to the interface where you want to put a button that opens the revision history
  • Make a button and set the action to "Go to URL in record" and set the field to the one you just made above.