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Request: Forms in interface

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Wondering if it would make sense to have forms as an option in Interface? This would make data entry for new records easier.

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I agree, form’s would take the interface from a interactive dashboard to a full fledged bespoke application.

Would really like to see this too. I currently use another DB app as well and this would actually allow me to switch over to AirTable completely.

I was just trying to see if I could make this happen in an interface. I think the closest I can come is creating a field with a link to the form that that appears in the interface. Viewers will have to click on it to update. I’ll try it out and see how it goes.

A lot easier, especially in one to many relations

Plus one vote from here too ^

Plus one voting for this as well. Much needed.

You could use the On2Air Amplify app as your record dashboard.

It allows easy record entry and custom record layouts. Plus, you can create your own layouts and views to hide/display fields, view images, attachments, websites, Google Docs, and more.