Room service options using conditional logic forms

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We a long term property rental company in Thailand and we keep getting requests such as need additional towels, pillows or something broken to be fixed in rooms or cleaning to be done. We are a remote team and our housekeeping/technicians will fulfill these requests. Unlike normal hotels which have a dedicated staff within their properties, we have taken multiple rooms in multiple properties on lease. Hence a dedicated staff for each property is not economically viable. 

I want to create a form for each of our customers who would wish to get the services we want. These services can broadly be classified into three types at the moment:
1) Need some supplies (like towels, iron boards, drying racks, coffee maker, etc.)
2) Cleaning of rooms to be done
3) Something broken/not working to be fixed (like Wifi, AC, TV, water heater, etc.)

I have attached a pic which depicts the workflow. Need help in preparing a schema as well as a form which can establish the above explained objective 

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Could you say more about the specific issues you're facing while setting this up? 

Thanks for the reply and trying to help. I figured it out by using conditional display in forms. Working fine at the moment.