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Airtable Consultant Needed (Zapier experience a plus) - Los Angeles

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Hi, we need an Airtable expert who can serve as a short-term consultant. Our team needs to be trained, so ideally we want someone who has experience with training or teaching.

I am actually pretty savvy in Airtable, but we want to get second/fresh eyes on our databases so we can get some guidance on how to streamline our data and workflows, and get the whole team up-to-speed on how to use Airtable (views, filters, sorting, formulas, database versus spreadsheet concepts, linking records, rollups, etc).

If you fit the bill, let me know. We need someone local to Los Angeles: we are based in Malibu and Santa Monica.

Thank you,

Conor O’Sullivan
Program Manager - Malibu Foundation

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I’d be happy to discuss some ideas with you, as well as getting a better understanding of how the Airtable will be an asset to your team and business.

Once we’ve discussed your vision and goals, I can then provide you an accurate price and timeframe to get the project started!

I do screen-share training sessions all the time with clients.

Schedule a free phone consultation via this link:

To learn a little more about myself, please visit my website:

If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, please do so here:

I look forward to hearing form you!



Hi Conor,

I have 4 years of experience training teams on Airtable, as well as designing streamlined workflows and databases. I travel to Santa Monica quarterly; if that would work for you and your team, I would love to talk with you and learn more about your needs.

Thank you,
Diane Elkins

Thank you, Diane. I’ve just reached out to you via email.

Sorry Eric, we are looking for someone who can be on-location in Los Angeles.

Hi Conor,

Happy to help with this. You can reach me over email at: