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4 - Data Explorer

I'm looking to hire a part-time contractor who’s aligned with Birthsmarter’s mission of bringing nonjudgemental, inclusive, and accessible prenatal education and postpartum support to as many families as possible by maintaining and improving upon a custom site that manages class registrations, a teacher interface, and a resource library, all driven from Airtable. 

The ideal candidate will, above all, have a down-to-earth approach to coding. We’re extremely selective about the kind of libraries we use and hate things being over complicated.

Our system: 

  • Vanilla JS running on a Cloudflare Worker
  • No frameworks, just straightforward code
  • Our “backend” is Airtable (we do simple caching in the Worker)

Learn More + Apply Here

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Hi Ashley!  In your link it mentions that applications are due by April 22nd which doesn't seem like enough time for people to apply, so I was wondering if it was a typo?  Sorry if I misunderstood and best of luck with finding someone!

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