Re: Custom code to embed a field from a form submission to another application form?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


I’m trying to configure airtable to help with a freelancer identification tool. I’d like someone to submit a need for a freelancer in one form and specify the role they are searching for and job description. I’d then like that role name and job description to appear in a drop down list in a DIFFERENT form where freelancers can apply for the specific role. I’d then be able to match the records easily on the backend (match demand with supply) without doing it manually.

The problem is that it’s near impossible to link a record from a submitted form of an applicant to a new project that was submitted by a client. The issue is that we can’t automatically tag one to the other.

So to reiterate Is there anyway to link a client form submission to an “open role” field in the applicant form?

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Hi there.

If the role and description is submitted in a single text field, you could use that string and create a new dropdown option out of it using a script. I would assume though that you would need some sort of data validation, which I think is not possible in Airtable as of now (otherwise people could submit whatever they want and a script would turn that into a drop down automatically).


7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @J9_L,

I think Rupert_Hoffschmidt has a good idea using a script from a single line text field.

@Rupert_Hoffschmidt, could a single select field be used to gather the data and then a formula field convert it to text, which the script would read? Just a thought. That might take care of the data validation.


Hi Chris, I guess you mean that the options for the user submitting the info is pre-defined. As far as I understood it, the idea was that any information can be added in the form (which would require ideally some sort of user input validation I guess). Cheers, Rupert

Ah yes! Great point. I guess I envisioned a categorical field that was pre-defined, like job type. The person’s name would have to be single line text and I imagine the description would be long text.


Hi @Rupert_Hoffschmidt @Williams_Innovations thank you both for putting even more than a minute of thought to this. You’re awesome.

To give more clarity, the items from the form submitted would be only three fields:

  1. Team name (open text field)
  2. Role name (open text field)
  3. Role Description (open text field)

These three fields would then need to translate into a single option (team, role, description) in a drop down in a different form in a different sheet in the base that someone can fill in. So they would get a question that asks; “what role are you interested in?” → they scroll the drop down and select it → that then matches the record with that role.

Any ideas how to make that feasible or suggested changes to hack together a solution? Thanks again!

From what I can see the only change is that now we have three text fields that get merged into one string to be then created as an option for a single select (dropdown).

I think you should definitely insert a caption in the form that says like (“only one word”) or something like this. Maybe on the backend you could then use a formula to only take the first word in that field. Also how long will the description be? I think the issue I’m having here is that single select field options are usually quite short.