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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is it possible to pass variables from a webpage of mine to my base view it so that airtable is “prefiltered” for the user according to how they on the webpage?

I imagine something like a drop down menu on the website where people can filter and search for specific rows in the airtable view that they get sent to.


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Hi Henry, yes this is done using URLs and Airtable’s query language - it takes you to the data in a tabular format though, and not in an actual Airtable view. I have set up quite a few including this very basic example:

I’m not sure I can think of how to get to the precise behaviour you describe, where the user opens a pre-filtered Airtable with the same front-end etc, but if the table version (above) would be of interest please let me know. In my example the results show in an iframe but you could do this in a number of alternative ways. The API documentation for your particular base will show how to construct URL queries as needed.

All the best,


This is precisely what I am envisioning! Thank you for the image example it is very clear. What is the best way we can connect?

Oh that’s good to hear, glad it is helpful :slightly_smiling_face: ️

I work exclusively through Fiverr

Have set my profile there to Vacation Mode while I work through a relatively busy patch with many projects; but if you sign up using the link above, and message my profile, we can discuss the details then create a custom Gig to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Hope that sounds good! Any issues sending my profile a message, please let me know below and I can help.

Looking forward to finding out more about your project.

All the best,

Hi Henry,

I could help you out on this.
Feel free to email me on

Best Wishes,

Hi Henry,

As @Oli_Steadman said you can do that using Airtable’s API.

In this quick example, only data for fields selected will be included into the table.

Using the API you can display data according to any parameter you need and even update or transform records.