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4 - Data Explorer

For a variety of investors and traders, it would be useful to have AirTable import current stock prices.

Google Finance offers this simple functionality within Google Sheets with this format: "=googlefinance(stocksymbol, “price”).

If there is a way to achieve this function in AirTable by linking to Google (or perhaps Yahoo), please share your thoughts.

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This is something on my list to implement too. I have a markets background and have completed airtable consulting projects.

You need to ensure that the stocks web service can quote all symbols you are chasing. If it’s just US stocks it wont be a problem, but I have found holes in what quotes are available with FX, futures or some OS stocks.

Looking at Integration as a service tools (IAAS) did you see this IFTTT ? I haven’t used it myself yet. There will be a few other options. Perhaps even push an airtable record to google sheets and then bring it back into airtable.

I will send you a message.

Hello. Were you able to figure out a workaround to getting current stock prices to be pulled/pushed to Airtable? If so, would love to know how you did this. Thanks!

Hello. Similar to the previous poster, I would really love to have this functionality. If anyone has figured out a workaround for the stock prices, please reach out to me. Thanks!

Three months later, I’m still entering stock prices manually. It would definitely be useful to import basic stock prices.

Hi guys

@Jay_Lee reminded my to give this a go. I just got this working using google sheets, zapier and airtable. Create the stock row in airtable nd it will be sent to a google sheet row and the current quote will be sent back to airtable. rough overview below.

I haven’t documented it yet. However, it involves having a sheet that uses the first mentioned googlefinance function. I created two zaps. One creates a new google sheet row if a new row is added to my airtable stock table. The second zap triggers if the new or updated google sheet row condition applies, then searches the airtable stock table for the relevant row, then updates it. This was achieved with a free zapier account. It appears to work if the google sheet is closed or open (I wasn’t sure how the google finance api would behave ). This has had limited testing with US and ASX symbols . I am really busy, but I thought I would share the initial success here.

This same functionality can also be achieved using in a similar way.

  • Watch the airtable stock quote table
  • When a new Airtable record is added send it to sheets as a new row
  • Then send all sheets quotes back to airtable

Integromat requires a created time field and I also created a record id field in airtable and sheets which is first sent to sheets on creation then is used as the record identifier when sending back to airtable.

Hey ya’ll - I quickly built an add-on (a bit of python) that pulls in stock prices for a list of tickers. It uses the Blockspring Scripts chrome extension to run. Feel free to use/edit the code.

That’s cool! Thanks for sharing

Hi Paul, Thanks for sharing that. When I try to run the script, I get an error thrown. “sorry there was an error! check your script.” I set up everything exactly the way you did on the video as well. Any idea why I’d get the error?

Hey @Jay_Lee can you DM me your script’s URL? Happy to help debug.


Has there been any update regarding ready integration to pull stock data?
While I am currently using zapier to integrate with Google Sheets, it would help if a ready integration is available from Airtable itself. Thank you.

You can access a bunch of financial data through Google Sheets offered by Intrinio. They also have tutorials that take you through how to use it. Hope this helps!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all,

I’ve installed Blockspring and the extension loads and is listed as “injected” when inspecting the page code but there seem to be jquery errors. Any thoughts on what to do next?




Encountered the same issue.

It looks like the Blockspring servers are very unreliable and have frequent connection issues. It takes the “team” weeks, if not months, to get the servers back online. It’s a free service, and is ran by a single person (correct me if I’m wrong), what did you expect?

My suggestion is to search for other solutions (I was not able to find one) or wait for the AT team to implement the feature.

All the best.

This is the main reason I am thinking about switching from AirTable to Google sheets.

I made a tool that can import stock prices into Airtable in bulk. Given a column of stock symbols, it will fetch the latest prices and add them to Airtable. It can be scheduled to run regularly, or use a webhook.