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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! i’m looking for someone that can help me build out airtable, for our custom screen printing shop.

I’m currently looking to use Zapier to push a notification from our invoicing software to airtable, whenever there is a new project. So let’s say we have a new custom apparel project. That would get pushed to our custom apparel base.

We’d like that to create a line item where it notates the following, in the first static field:

Invoice - Project Name

When expanding the box, we’d like there to be different fields that would allow us to type information for this project, for each department (i’m imagining this info would be displayed on linked tables). So we could put information in each field, for the staff in that particular department to work on. Staff could then filter what they are seeing on their table, to only show the work for their department, where management could get an overview of everything.

Breaking it down as follows:

As one department finishes the tasks for that job, is it possible to have a check box, or a green circle, to indicate it’s been completed? So from the main base view, we can see what’s been created, and what still needs to be done?


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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hi Eric,

Sounds interesting.
Definitely something that is within my area of expertise.
Feel free to get in touch with me on as I could help you out with this


hey Andrew! just sent an email! thanks!

Hi Eric,

I would love to help … check out my brief chat about how I love working with Airtable as a Front end Developer

Based on your needs i can make a business workflow using Zapier.

Would you like to start a Fiverr chat (using the link above)? I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

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Hi Eric,

Hey Eric,
thanks for the response!

I’m new to airtable, and program/software connectivity in general, so please forgive me, as i’m sure you’ll have to dumb down some of the information.

Currently with airtable, we do not have any info set up, as i’d rather pay someone to set it up correctly, and get it done right the first time, instead of messing things up, by just guessing at what i’m doing. I currently have one base set up, with one zapier connection linking our invoicing software over to it.

We use an invoicing software called Printavo. It’s a screen printing specific cloud based software. We primarily use it for invoicing, and light job tracking, but we are looking for more in depth production tracking, which it does not handle. Printavo does have API functionality, but I’ve been told it’s not that great. It’s been recommended that we use Zapier, which I mentioned previously.

Ideally, we’d like to use Printavo as an order entry platform. We can enter in the information in Printavo, and when the client approves the quote, and makes a deposit, that’s when it syncs up to air table. Printavo has different statuses that can be selected on each project, to determine the different stage that’s in. We’d like to use these statuses as triggers to push information to air table. We’d like to have different bases for our different sales departments. So let’s make an example, that would be filtered to our “custom apparel” base.

Invoice 123 - Mr. Test - Test 1212

The above description would be the invoice number, the client, and the project name. This is the info we’d like to have pushed through to the left hand static field. Every project that comes through this base, will have this information entered into the static field. It will also need to include fields for the following:






Now this is where it gets tricky, and where my lack of airtable knowledge is a big hinderance. The aforementioned fields are departments, that all need to work within the particular project. Every Project that is set up in Airtable, under this base, will require the departments to participate in the project. Every project will have custom information that the team in that department we’ll need to reference to build or create items for that project.

Each department will work independently, however, the Artwork department needs to create information before anything else can start, and the Production department needs the previous four departments to finish their work before they can begin.

Is there a way, on the static field on the left, when we expand it, to designate boxes, that then link information to that job to the department? So for instance, on Invoice 123, can we have a box that says INKS. In that box if we typed in:




The ink department would see in their notes, for invoice 123, they need to create inks: Red, White, Blue.

As well as have some sort of a check box, stating that when they are complete, they can notate it. Is it also possible to link this check box to a field, that’s only visible by production, so Production can see that inks are ready for Invoice 123? We would also need to do that within the SCREENS and GARMENTS tables

I know that’s a ton of information, and a ton of questions, so i’ll stop there for now, as it’s an overwhelming first part!

Let me know what you think!

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Hi Eric,

Sorry for the delay, I did not see your reply. If you still need help, I’d be happy to assist. Please contact me eckline@gmail.comf