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7 - App Architect


My team uses a very well established and highly functional base as a Project Management and/or CRM tool. This base allows us to manage projects, client interactions, and project tasks. Unfortunately, we have hit the record, and we cannot determine a path forward to split or remove information from the base without negatively affecting the usability of the base itself.

Faced with what is apparently our only option if we want to stay with Airtable (move to the enterprise plan), we are seeking a knowledgeable Airtable consultant to provide us with guidance on what to do in this case. We don't need anything on the Enterprise plan except for the higher record limit, so that appears to be not only incredibly expensive, but also mostly unnecessary (except for the higher record limit, which is very much necessary).

Can anyone help?

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I totally agree with you that it is pretty outrageous pricing (approximately $10k per year for Enterprise) just to get 50,000 extra records for up to 2 tables. Your best options are to either come up with some sort of an automated archiving plan, or switch to a more robust enterprise-level database app like FileMaker. I'm an expert Airtable consultant (and I also did FileMaker development for 30 years). I'd be happy to have a free introductory 30-minute chat with you. Please feel free to reach out to me through my website:

Hi Scott - thank you for the quick reply! I filled out the form on your website and look forward to hearing from you.

8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

You can not add anymore record's?

I am almost sure that you can add record's even when it's more then 50k rows

Hi egordin, I'd be curious to take a look at this as well!

I'm pretty active on the forums so you can get a grasp of how I work from my activity here, and I've got a bunch of example projects that you can find here

Here's a link to schedule a free half hour call if you're interested

Best of luck either way!

hi @egordin,
I have lengthy experience working with Airtable to build/optimise project management and CRM tools. I have also dealt several times with Airtable's records limit issue - we have a few options like switching to more robust databases or creating backup Airtable bases. Happy to have a call about how we can work together - you can book a time at your earliest convenience from my calendar:


Yes - the 50k limit is a soft limit, but given the mission critical nature of my base, I don't know when we're going to hit th hard limit and operating like that is not really a good idea long term.