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4 - Data Explorer

I would like to speak to a consultant to help me with an idea I have.
I’d like to put a “Check your Order on AirTable” link on my WordPress site which, when checked, would prompt user to log on to AirTable and once that’s accomplished, take the customer to a read only view of their orders we populate by us in AirTable.
Not sure it can even be done.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Good afternoon Tim! How are you currently organizing orders in Airtable? Do you have a table for all orders and then you filter by customer, or do you keep orders for customers separated by table or even base?

My concern is that there are no granular permissions currently, so even with an Airtable login you wouldn’t be able to assign a customer the ability to only see specific rows/records inside a table. You could create different views for different customers, but even then they wouldn’t need a login, just the shared link to that view. And going this route would require quite a bit of effort, and depending on the number of customers you have with open orders at any given time, that might be problematic.

If you have additional details you can add about how you’re doing this, I’m sure we can help get you sorted out one way or another. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m with Dean, although I see the “not logging into Airtable” part as an advantage. As long as you keep the links to the individual views private there shouldn’t be a problem. You could create a custom login somewhere else in the process if you really want it. Or simply share the links via email.

With large numbers of customers this would probably not be ideal though…


Best, Arthur.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you so much for your responses, I really appreciate it. Bottom line is we are using Airtable to keep track of our customers’ orders for internal information use at present and thought it would be a win win for all involved if we could make that information available to the customers from our web site. It’s basic; one row per order with customer PO number, status, acknowledged, requested ship date, date shipped, etc. We want customers to see only their orders.

An integrated service like Zapier would probably be your best bet, but I still think you’ll run into hurdles doing it exactly like you have in mind. Zapier can help with emailing records, but so far only new ones - I don’t believe they have a function to monitor and trigger on existing record updates, only additions.

I can help you accomplish this using Wordpress as your user/password manager or alternatively by using obfuscated/private page URLs.

Message me if you’d like to move forward.

I know absolutely nothing about Wordpress, but if Chester could fire an API call (to Airtable) after login in it shouldn’t be a problem.

Great! I would most definitely like to move forward.