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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there! I am working with a company that is using the Page Designer block in airtable in a unique way. I use it to make individual “profiles” of possible applicants out to my customers.

I do not have a high number of applicants creating profiles (maybe 3-5 a day). So I go through and tweak/edit each individual profile layout on my own. But I run into a problem when I go to save the individual profile that I finished editing as a PDF.

I have certain topics/fields bolded on the airtable block, and when I hit the “present” button it looks exactly the way I want it to.

But when I press print to then save as a PDF, the bolding of all the text boxes that I’ve chosen to be bold, goes away. And I cannot get it to save looking like how it needs to.

I have a windows working on 10, and one of my coworkers has a windows with windows 10, and one has a macbook. The macbook does not have this issue, but the other person with a windows does.

This being fixed for us is paramount to running the business successfully! Please help!

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That’s it! At least for me.
Apparently “Inter” is not a font my computer recognizes in bold…?
None of the available fonts in Airtable are the “normal” fonts I am used to working with so I guess this makes sense.

Now I have to search through for those that have the option for BOLD and fit the spacing off my current layout… sigh. “ABeeZee” is only available at 400. “Gothic A1” might work.


Glad to hear it worked for you! Thanks for reporting it back.

This was SO helpful! Thank you guys, changing the font completely fixed my issue for the way I’m using it! I let the AT support people know that the issue was font specific, and they said they are going to work to resolve that as soon as they can!

I was using font “Inter” before and it was not working, but am now using “Noto Sans” and it IS working. Droid Sans also works well!

Way to go crew! We solved this issue and I’m so happy about it! Thank you everyone for the help!