Share view with list of email addresses contained in a table (passwordless, magic-link)

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4 - Data Explorer

I’d appreciate any guidance or offers on the following!

Pro users currently have a couple of ways to restrict access to a view (email domain & password). What I would like to do is effectlively create a third option of “Restrict access to a list of email addresses in table X”. In this scanerio:

  1. the anonymous visitor hits the shared url and must enter their email address.
  2. System responds with a “Thanks, check your email for a magic link.”
  3. System checks table X for the presence of user’s email address in table X. If it is there, generate a magic url and note the time of generation, then send email containing the magic url. When visited, the magic url allows access to View. Magic url is accessed more than 10 minutes after generation, show user a “This magic link is expired. Try again?” message.

Note: the email addresses would not be for Airtable user accounts. This would likely wrap around the “restrict access with a password” option(?)

For my part, this would be lovely as an enhancement to the core product. I don’t know if it is possible to implement in a way that doesn’t expose the shared view.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello! Stacker has exactly this functionality for restricting access. You’d create your own page that mimicked the view, and that’s really easy to do

MiniExtensions has a similar system with passwords too

Both are subscription based tho, but you’d be able to get them up and running in a couple hours tops

(Sorry, on mobile so can’t provide links easily, lmk if you can’t find the right services and I’ll link’em when I’m back at a computer)

Thanks for sharing these services. I’ll take a deeper look. It makes sense that a separate client is needed to maintain auth.