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Venue Equipment Request System Needed

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The Sundance Institute is seeking a new Venue Equipment Request system to make the Procurement process more user friendly & reliable for both venue equipment requesters and procurement staff.

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Hi Alex, I’m in your backyard so would be run to work with you. I’ll shoot you an email.

Dan from Openside

Hi @Alex_Gibson,

Email sent. Can’t wait to hear back from you.


Hello @Alex_Gibson

My name is Eric and I am here to assist you with your Airtable needs. I understand you’d like to see several things done on your Airtable base. I think a phone call would be a good next step to discussing your project in detail so I can hear your ideas and provide a price and turn around time to get this going.

If you’d like to discuss your project, please schedule a free consultation with me via this link:

You can also connect with me on linkedin -