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4 - Data Explorer

So for the purposes of this problem, say i have 4 tables:

  1. Customer table: a list of all customers.
  2. New Leads: a list of all leads.
  3. Orders: a list of all orders currently being executed.
  4. Disputes: a list of all disputes.

All records in new leads/orders/disputes have a record from the customer table as a linked record.

We have over 100 customers. For our meetings, what we’d like to do is have a dashboard of sorts where we can select any particular customer, and get the new leads, orders & disputes to all appear on one page.

Afaik, i can’t see any easy way to do this in airtable. Is there any block or any way that could help me create this?


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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @zeta384

You might want to start with a search in this forum, by using the keyword: “dashboard”.

There seems to be quite s few postings on this topic.

That might get you started.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

Hi Zeta,

If all the info you need are not in one table then there is no way to do it.

thanks! I already did though. The closest question i could find relating to my topic was a post from December 2017 (unfortunately i can’t link to hit here) . The suggestion here is to use the API. However, I would imagine that this is a common enough use case that there should be a way to do this non-programmatically.

thanks! seems such a shame though. wish there was a dashboard block for things like this.

Well, despite the common desire to blend disparate information into a dashboard, it’s uncommon for database systems to also provide the underpinnings of a dashboard solution.

Opinion from here on…

I can think of no code-free environments that serve as both an aggregator of data for analytics and a database management solution. ElasticSearch/Kibana are doing that, but each is a separate technology stack. The fact that Airtable has attempted to show dashboard-like qualities with blocks serves only to provide simplistic data visualizations.

There’s an entire market segment of dashboard solutions so we can’t really expect Airtable to stand tall in both technology segments; they have to pick a lane and lean on integrations to provide data aggregations, analytics, and visual dashboards.

Besides, as soon as you build a dashboard with Airtable data, the very next challenge from leadership will be - can you integrate my web analytics? How about sales metrics from Xero? And when can we monitor machinery statistics from manufacturing?

Dashboards - for the most part - are intended to provide aggregations across many information sources, hardly the wheelhouse for Airtable. Indeed, Airtable should fear investing in a lot of dashboard features because it will never be able to address the long-view of these requirements.

I wish Airtable Dashboards were improved even further, clearly there is a need and with it new business opportunities for anyone using them and of course, Airtable itself.

Why on Earth would you choose not to? other than the fact that at the moment we can't display on the dame dashboard 2 different tables of the same base?

Please guys, add this functionality, it is important.