Re: Accidentally Deleted Sample Data - Need to Restore

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4 - Data Explorer

I started working on an Airtable Template and there was sample data in it. I didn’t realize I had to clear the sample data before using it. I did some manual deletions and then started entering new data.

I then got a bunch of popups wizards to guide me through using it. I saw an option to Delete Sample Data. I clicked on that assuming it would only delete the sample data - not new data entered! It deleted everything. I’ve checked all the ways to restore (trash icon, snapshot, revision history, workspace trash) and it’s like the info never existed.

Is there any way I can get this restored? Or do I have to start from scratch again :sob:

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Wow. Sounds like you’ve already checked all the usual methods for restoring data.

I recommend contacting support with this issue! There might not be a way to get your data back, but support may be able to escalate this issue to get it fixed.