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We have a form that populates information into a table - the Private Directory (only organizers can see). In this form, one of the questions is what information the person filling in the form consents to sharing in the Public Directory (everyone in the organization can see). Then in a different table - that is in a different base - we set up a directory that can be accessed by everyone in the organization and it shows records of people with only the information they consented to share. Currently, we are building the Public Directory manually: going through the Private Directory and creating records in the Public Directory and only adding the info they consented too. The only issue is now we have reached 300+ records that need to be filtered and transferred. We want to find a solution - through creating a new form or automations - that would make this process automatic.

So essentially, is it possible to create a form that populates to two different tables - one where it puts all the information (Private Directory) regardless of the consent question and another where it puts only the information that is in the fields the person ticked consent to share in the consent question (Public Directory). In this form, the options under the question “Which information do you content to sharing” would be linked to the fillable fields. Or maybe even we can set them up as different views of the same table with one showing all info and other showing only what is consented to show.

Any ideas on how we could set this up would help greatly!!

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

One form. One automation. Two tables in the same base. This assumes that the public directory is read only.

The form submits info to the private directory table.
In the same base, you have a linked table with conditional lookup fields of all the other fields that only show the value if the person has consented to share that info. This is your public directory.

The automation triggers when the form is submitted and it creates a new linked record in the linked table. (If the person does. It want to show anything, use conditional actions to create the linked record.)

You can then share the public table that shows only info that has consent to share, or you can sync that table to a different base for sharing.

The issue is the conditioning of the fields is in relation to the whole record not the specific value of the field. It states “Only include linked records from the Private Directory table that meet certain conditions.” So the condition relates to the whole record not just this value. So for example, if someone ticked consent to Name but not Email, since the linked record of Email says the condition is Email is ticked, then it won’t show the Name either - and the whole record in general. How can I make the condition of the lookup field only relate to the value of that field and not to the whole record.

The lookup for the {Name} has a condition that checks if there is permission to show the {Name}.

The lookup for the {Email} has a condition that checks if there is permission to show the {Email}.