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I am new to Airtable, so finding my way...

We are developing a simple CRM in Airtable which will include contact information for individuals. We intend this to be the single repository of contact details for our small team of <10 people.

We would like the basic contact details (name, company, email, phone) to be synced out (one way) from Airtable to each team member's Microsoft 365 account so the contact details are available in Outlook and also then on their iPhone etc.

I've tried setting something up with, but (a) it seems quite cumbersome for what I imagine is a very common desire for anyone building a CRM; and (b) it seems hard to make it work across multiple users, as it relies on creating an entire workflow for each user, which is not really practical.

Am I missing anything?!



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You don't need to create an entire scenario for each user, but you would need to create a conditional path for each user. You can learn how to create filters (which are conditional paths) in Make's Training Academy -- check out "Course 1 - Make Foundation". Look at the chapter entitled "Expanding my first scenario".

Brainstorming on simplifying this: I don't use Outlook, but does Outlook have the ability for all of the contacts to get sent to a universally shared account, and maybe you can tag each contact with certain team members' names? Then, team members could perhaps just look at their own tagged contacts?