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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Been following news about Airtable for a wee while now and I am hoping it can come in handy for a user case I have playing up in my head :blush: .

Can I embed Airtable forms into a WordPress site and display the data gotten from said form in real time on the same WordPress site using the Airpress Plug in? If yes, is there any possible way to attach a QR code to each data generated from said form.

Looking forward to your replies

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Yes, you can have a WordPress website that collects data with an Airtable form and displays the data from that table using Airpress.

How soon the new data is displayed through Airpress depends on how the data is structured, the Airpress caching settings, and how the pages are setup.

For generating QR codes, see this mini extension.


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