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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey Airtable community! I have records with a start/end time field. The field is set to "Use the same time zone for all collaborators" so that, regardless of which time zone we view the records in, the time stays the same. However, when viewing these records in a calendar view, the times are 4/5 hours behind.

What might be going on here? It seems that the time zone for the individual calendar view was set to some other time zone, but I don't see an option for how to change this.

Thanks for your help!

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Exact same issue here. We use GMT so that multiple folks in different time zones can collaborate on scheduling, and it's been broken since mid-afternoon on Thursday. Multiple report tickets, no response. 

Hm, when I changed my own computer's timezone, the time displayed in the Calendar changed with it.  Could that be it?

change timezone.gif

Right, I'd expect that if I adjusted the time zone, it'll shift the display in the calendar – it's currently showing me Central Time's adjustment of GMT, but I want to see GMT only, as I've been viewing it for the past year or so.

Ahh, I see.  Yeah...hopefully support gets back to you soon