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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all - any suggestions out there for best way to do periodic (e.g. monthly or quarterly reporting) for an investment portfolio where things like cost, value would change from period to period, as would additions/deletions to the company records?
I am referring to the data (not the visualization/reporting) of the data. Would I need to duplicate the base and simply have a series of bases, each for a different period?


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Hi Jonah, I think if I were you I’d have a table in the same base for each period, and then have an automation grab everything I need and add it as a record into said table

So for monthly, I’d have an automation that ran once a month that would summarize all the data I needed, and put it into a single record in the Monthly table, and the record’s primary field would be the month-year

I generally advise against this approach.

I would recommend looking at this approach before creating one table per month. It involves formulas and automations. Linked in that thread is a base from the Universe you can look at for an example. If this doesn’t work for you, then consider the separate tables approach.

Ah, apologies for the confusion, I didn’t mean to imply creating one table per month

I would create one table per period, that is to say, for the monthly period we would have a table called “Monthly” and for the quarterly period we would have a table called “Quarterly”, does that make sense?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@Kamille_Parks and @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo , thanks so much for your assistance here. I will try these and see how we go!!

much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: