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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Looking for advise/assistance in completing an efficient Integration from AT > GS.

Let me start by saying that I know very little about scripting. I have seen some posts about getting AT data into GS, along with some pre-written scripts to do so. Thank you to those who have done so! I have additional steps that ZAP from GS to other GS after the data transfer, so using one of them that I found was over triggering my “future” ZAPs.

My Current Setup:
*New Record in AT = ZAP new Row to GS.
*Multiple views in AT (new to view = Zap specific fields to GS). these are status update views (one for each status) that only pull certain Fields into GS from the ZAP. ie: status change, date, new/old kiosk serial#, contractor.
*using ZAP (row=updated - seeing all columns) to then push data from MY GS to customers GS (which *changes weekly :frowning: ) - so simply copy the ZAP and change the parameters to match their new sheet every Friday.

What I WANT:
*scripting!!! when the AT record is updated (only looking at few selected Fields) then the data is push/pull to MY GS.
*one step further; I am looking for a more efficient way to script from MY GS to customer GS = is it possible for a script to SEARCH multiple GS’s at once???

Any insight/advise/guidance/“work done for me” is greatly appreciated!

don’t know if we are allowed to seek out professional help in these Threads, but I do need help building scripts/integrations

Thanks in advance!

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No one really knows everything about scripting; you’re not alone. :winking_face:

I have some thoughts, but I’d like to be sure that “GS” is “Google G-Suite”.

To be clear - you have adequately met this requirement with Zapier, right? If so, are you simply looking for a more unified approach that doesn’t require Zapier?

Yes, it is possible for a single script process in “GS” to integrate with any of multiple different G-Suite accounts and multiple different Airtable bases and tables. To achieve this requires some security details, but they are mot overwhelming.


  1. As you make clear, Zapier recipes cannot dynamically expand if they are gated to specific customers. Google Apps Script (if designed well) are able to scale dynamically. Script actions (in Airtable can dynamically scale as well - again, if well-designed).
  2. Multiple views per status could be simplified - i.e., a single script automation looking for specific status field changes could dynamically determine the nature of the automated update without forcing records through a collection of views and then on to Zapier. Automated system tend to work better when there are fewer moving parts.
  3. The timing and control of an Zap is often difficult and tedious to develop. Furthermore, when multipole Zaps are needed, they often race ahead or lag behind creating additional timing challenges when there are process dependencies. Ideally, you want the automation process to have a single mind of its own.
  4. Automations seem to be far more successful if they are accurately diagramed in the requirements phase of the project. The example shown below is a good example.

There’s no restriction - it’s a free market and Airtable encourages users to find good help. And while most of the members are here to simply help and guide Airtable users, many - like me - are also consultants. My consulting is primarily in Google Apps Script but I also work in Airtable scripts, AI platforms, and a number of real-time networks and APIs.


Google SHEETS :blush:

Thanks for your response! I’d be interested in scheduling an introduction meeting if you want to provide contact info…