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4 - Data Explorer

When I drag an Airtable window to another monitor, the window creates a large buffer white space around Airtable limiting visable area. Also, this forum will not let me post an image to show you what I mean.

Airtable support has not been helpful. After 5 email exchanges, I keep getting the same response…
" Request [#14813] “Airtable window issue” was closed and merged into this request. Last comment in request [#14813]:

Airtable window malfunction when dragging the window to a second monitor.

When I try to click the links I get an error.

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Define “Drag an Airtable window”: What exactly are you dragging? What are you using – the Airtable app or Airtable opened in a browser? What OS and (if applicable) browser?

It is the Airtable app in Windows 10, not Airtable opened in a browser. I am using a new laptop (Dell XPS-13, 3840x2400 resolution) and a new monitor (27" LG, 3840x2160 resolution). I used to be able to drag the window between laptop and monitor, but it recently started doing this.