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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to push content + an image from Airtable through Zapier and schedule a post in Hootsuite. The issue I am running into is that in Zapier, it’s asking for a media URL for my video or image. But my image in Airtable is a jpeg. Do I have to convert my image to a URL in order for this integration to work?

Thank you in advance for your help
-Newbie Airtabler

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Images in Airtable are stored at a URL. The URLs are displayed in Zapier for you to select.

(It’s much easier to visualize this in Integromat, which is Zapier’s main competitor and is much easier to use, much more powerful, and much cheaper than Zapier.)

@ScottWorld Thank you — I’ve pre-paid for Zapier :frowning:

I just checked out Integromat and it definitely is easier visually. I’ll definitely look to consider it once we blast through our Zaps :+1:t4:

I know this sounds silly (please forgive me!), but you said AirTable stores images at/as URLs…but that’s not happening for me. Meaning, it’s still an image. And therefore I can’t select my column in AirTable for the media requirement in Zapier.

You’re able to view the image because it’s stored at a URL. Also, you’re not looking hard enough in Zapier. Zapier is giving you multiple URLs to choose from that represent different sizes of your image.